RenderForest Review – Best Animated Explainer Video Maker

RenderForest Review - Best Animated Explainer Video Maker
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RenderForest is an online application help users to make animated videos and other videos. The RenderForest review article will let you know it.

What is RenderForest?

RenderForest is an online program which was designed to provide tools for creating intros and explainer videos, musical visualisations and slideshows and slideshows and video CV. The program allows users create or save logos of your own in the cloud.

The program is extensively utilized by those who work regularly with multimedia solutions and has been widely acknowledged for its simplicity of use and its high quality. It is considered to be extremely user-friendly and allows you to create professional videos in just few minutes.

It comes with all the basic tools for creating any kind of video, slideshow, logos Logos, infographics, logos, and much more. You can turn your imagination and creativity into stunning projects.

Why you should use RenderForest?

RenderForest is one of the applications with the greatest features which can be used in the creation of explainer animations, promo videos, slide shows, promotional videos with music, videos, CVs directly in the cloud. Continue reading this RenderForest Review to learn more about it.

Why you should use RenderForest?
Why you should use RenderForest?

With this in mind, it is crucial to understand the most important reasons why you should pick RenderForest in comparison to other similar programs on the market.

  • Create intro videos, advertising video, app promotions logo animations and much more using more than 500 video templates.
  • Editing video content is possible in a matter of minutes by using the RenderForest Editor Online.
  • Create videos using HD720 and HD1080 formats.
  • The ability to access more than 195.000 free royalty-free video.
  • 24/7 support via phone and 24/7 assistance via phone and.
  • Access to the RenderForest knowledge base to learn more about features and the value of the rendering tools.
  • It is very user-friendly and flexible.
  • The tools are reliable and will allow you to make professional videos in just a couple of minutes.
  • You can make all sorts of videos such as slideshows, logos, slideshows Infographics logos, and so on.
  • Choose the one you like the most from a variety of categories and browse through their extensive video templates catalog before you begin editing online.
  • Upload photos or videos as well as edit your online project using cloud Storage and Tools.
  • Make your own designs by altering the text and color palette.

Review the Pros and Cons of RenderForest


  • Price-effective – The cost of RenderForest is affordable and you may even receive the service for free.
  • A wide range of templates is available, allowing drag and drop options to make videos in a snap
  • Website Builder — Fast tools for enhanced graphics and even options for logo makers.
  • The app is robust and suitable for mobile phones. It’s easy to utilize on your phone making videos smooth and easy on smaller screens.


  • The cost of rendering HD The render of HD 1080p has a price of about three credits to render, whereas HD 720p is only one credit
  • There are a limited quantity of fonts to create brands that are coherent The absence of a broad range of fonts is depressing.
  • Marks with defaults to default are removed only with the paid version.

RenderForest Review – The Best Features You Should Use

Design a logo

In Renderforest Review article, we will show you two options to create logos. One option is to believe in Renderforest’s following AI and let it do everything for you. For this purpose it is possible to use a logo wizard standard to accomplish this. With just a few input, your desired logo is created.

Design a logo with RenderForest
Design a logo with RenderForest

In the end you’ll have access to a sample of the logos you are considering on different products. It is a common occurrence that not all fonts on these services can be used with those that support the Cyrillic alphabet. This means that certain logos are destined for the garbage.

However, the logo created isn’t the ultimate goal of the work of Renderforest. Instead, it’s the source of the idea. In the end, every logo is then able to be modified to suit your needs with a user-friendly and easy editor.

The other option for creating an identity is to create all the work yourself. For the task, Renderforest offers several templates that can be divided into topic.

Then , you’re immediately transferred to the editor that I have written about previously.

Video creation

You will need complete the entire process all by yourself but don’t worry, my Renderforest Review article will let you know how to do it. The process of creating a video begins with selecting an appropriate template. In this case, among the filters there are also aspect ratio and duration, as well as 4K templates, and more.

Certain templates allow for the creation of video sequences using text, however this is not the case for Russian. Russian language.

RenderForest video creation
RenderForest video creation

Once you have selected a template you’ll be directed to a webpage with the description, as well as a preview of the video you are about to watch along with examples of videos that are based on the template. This helps you understand the suitability of the template for the task you are assigned.

The next stage is that there are three options to develop the course of the events. Add Scene will lead you to the editor for scenes creating which you’ll create the final video that is based on the template.

Use a preset to load – can aid you in avoiding hassle of manual scene composition. Select a suitable sequence of scenes and you’ll get a nearly complete video. Another option would be to make an audio-visual video. However, as I mentioned in the previous paragraph, the outcome is not great.

Whatever choice you make regardless of the option you choose, you’ll be directed into the editor in which you can edit every slide to meet your preferences. There are standard options available for editing video. You can also control transitions, include various effects, and even music.

When you’ve completed all the adjustments you will have a finished video that is ready to use in your designs.

Creating mockups

The process of making mockups, just like the other sections, starts with the selection of an appropriate template to your needs. They are separated in a single subject area, for example “clothes”, “appliances”, “prints” and so on.

Creating mockups with RenderForest
Creating mockups with RenderForest

If you choose an option, a new page will open with the preview of all scenes edited. If you choose an image, you’ll immediately be taken to the editor’s interface in which you can upload images to the mockup as well alter the background.

Site creation

If you are designing a site you are able to select any of these templates, or start from scratch and create every element by your own. If you select a template there is a preview feature.

RenderForest site creation
RenderForest site creation

Then , the visual editor of the new site is available. We will not go through in detail the features in this Renderforest Review article.. If you’ve worked with Tilda, Squarspace and similar services, Renderforest has the same capabilities ready for you to use here.

Create graphics

Goodbye, again templates that are categorize for print, social media and presentations.

Create graphics with RenderForest
Create graphics with RenderForest

On the template card, you will be able to view all slides as well as the upcoming size and the resolution. If you visit an editor you are able to edit each part in the presentation slide. In editing, you can edit or add text and images, effects and pictures and alter the colors in the design.

Mobile applications

RenderForest mobile applications
RenderForest mobile applications

The version of Renderforest of Renderforest for Android as well as iOS devices is simplified compared to web version. On your phone you can access the video you’ve created as well as edit them, and even make new videos.

Comparing RenderForest Pricing Plan and RenderForest group buy cost

The Design By Tool will show the differences between these two programs, which lets you make the right decision.

RenderForest Pricing Plan

Since RenderForest offers a variety of tools, you have the choice to select two options: a bundle and an independent tool. For each, the toggle tool is located upper right of their pricing page. This RenderForest Review article will clearly analyze for you the features that come with the price that the tool provider publishes on their sales page.

RenderForest Pricing Plan
RenderForest Pricing Plan

The RenderForest trial is perfect for those who want to use the service on a frequently. This plan is completely free of logos, videos and other content of poor quality, while the more costly Pro, Amateur Pro Plans and the Popular plan provide access to premium media as well as the website builder.

The plans per-product were designed to cater to those who want to use RF for just 2 or 3 times otherwise , it’s much more profitable to go with the previous subscription plan.

The logo and video creation tools are available with four plans. The RenderForest free version of putting an image with a watermark or creating an unprofessional PNG logo. The paid versions allow you to remove the watermark and increase the quality of your rendering to meet the specifications you require.

Website Maker comes with the option of a free service and comes with a premium plan with additional storage, permitting you to host your site with your own custom site instead of making use of the RenderForest.

RenderForest group buy Agency plan

RenderForest group buy Agency plan
RenderForest group buy Agency plan

To convince our customers that we can assist, we provide three choices for RenderForest group buy Agency plan:

  • A one-month subscription at $8.
  • 6-month plan starting at $37.
  • One-year agreements for just $65

When you join our organization, you’ll be able to receive:


  • Unlimited HD1080 videos per month
  • Videos that last up to 60 minutes
  • More than 120 tracks of music licensed for commercial use
  • There are no watermarks placed on anything.
  • Reseller license


  • Unlimitable vector SVG vectors and PNG logos of high-quality.
  • Branding guidelines


  • Unlimited mockups with professional quality and of high-quality.


  • Three websites that are among the top
  • Your website is the place you can post your information
  • Innovative marketing tools for the market

Conclusion about RenderForest Review

RenderForest is a great tool to create images. While it does come with a wide plans but they are affordable and come with many great additional options. The possibilities are almost endless, which makes this one of the most simple applications to start with. There is also access to templates, music as well as stock footage to help get you started on the right track.

Overall, this RenderForest review article is very satisfied with the options it offers. Video-making tools one-click publishing and a web-based builder many stock footages, and also musical options are the most efficient way to make videos for your business.

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