Explore 5 Best Filmstro Alternatives To Unlock Your Creative Potential

Explore 5 Best Filmstro Alternatives To Unlock Your Creative Potential
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Are you tired of using Filmstro for your video editing needs? Do you want to discover music editing softwares that can help take your creativity to the next level? Look no further! We’ll explore top 5 best Filmstro alternatives that will help you elevate your soundtracks and enhance your videos.

What is Filmstro?

Filmstro is a music library that provides you with complete creative freedom over your soundtrack without the need to pay any licensing fees. Come be a part of the thousands of video makers already generating their own unique scores in a matter of minutes!

Filmstro was released in 2016 by a music technology firm and serves as a platform for distributing stock music without having to pay licensing fees. There are over thousand music included, spread over sixty or more albums, so you won’t be short of audio options.


Filmstro can be divided into two main sections:

  • A web-based interface where you may search, preview, and download your preferred royalty-free audio files!
  • A piece of desktop software that allows you to manipulate the volume, tempo, and pitch of your music.

Pros of Filmstro

  • User-Friendly: Website and app interfaces are clean, beautiful
  • Music Library: Their modest music library is good. You may customize all their music files!
  • Excellent Software Access: Filmstro features sophisticated Mac and Windows desktop programs.
  • Editor Extensions: Its Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro browser extensions let you edit audio files in your editing program!
  • Replay Audio: Just change power, depth, and momentum in Filmstro to play the same music for hours.
  • Friendly, helpful email support responds within 24 hours.

Why you need to consider Filmstro alternatives?

While Filmstro is a great option for many editors, it does have certain drawbacks. To begin with, subscription prices tend to be expensive, and not all customers will be ready to pay that. In addition, Filmstro could not contain the precise track the user is seeking for, or it might not be customizable enough.

Filmstro is a powerful music-making tool but it may not always suit every user’s need. In this article we will be exploring the music editing softwares that offer nearly what Filmstro offers and more.

Top 5 Best Filmstro Alternatives

Filmmaking is an art form that requires space for inspiration, skillful storytelling, and quality production equipment. While some may think that all you need is a camera and a story, there are plenty of royalty-free music sites out there to help make your project stand out from the crowd – Filmstro being one of them.


Artlist is a stock music service that licenses tracks and SFX for videos. Artlist gives artists of all levels access to professional sound effects. Their objective was to establish a middle ground between free mp3 sites of questionable quality and expensive premium licensing organizations.


Belsky established Artist in 2015. Because creatives love it, it has succeeded since its founding. Almost 8,000 tracks are accessible for licensing, and 150 more are added each month.

Main features of Artlist

  • Free SFX and audio tracks downloads indefinitely
  • Low-Cost Annual Payment Options
  • Amazing search capabilities.
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Global license


SOUNDRAW, an AI-powered music generator, lets artists control the length, composition, and rhythm of their songs. This music track editor app can create unique, royalty-free compositions that can be monetized on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media.


SOUNDRAW helps you generate music depending on genre, mood, pace, instruments, and other criteria. You’ll utilize your tracks exclusively. Nobody has ever heard anything like it before! Exclusive!

Tracks aren’t 100% unique, however. The AI will customize tracks using a built-in music library. Several tracks may sound similar.

Main features of SOUNDRAW

  • 7-day trial! Thus you may fully test and explore the tool
  • No card required
  • Interesting idea
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Exclusive music
  • Match your choices
  • Affordable personal and commercial usage
  • Download 50 tracks daily
  • Youtube/Social Media


Audiio provides royalty-free background music and sound effects to content creators and media agencies. This company has offices in Delaware and Nashville.


Audiio was started in 2017 by former Universal Music Group artist Clay Jones and some of his friends in the industry. Their goal was to make the best royalty-free music service in the world.

They describe themselves “ex-ad agency creatives, filmmakers and musicians with a goal to supply storytellers with the best music on planet earth” on their website.

Main features of Audiio

  • Music and SFX
  • Complete support for both individual and commercial efforts
  • Download unlimitedly.
  • Regular updates of fresh tunes.
  • Thousands of high-quality songs
  • Lifelong music downloads


Infinitunes is the best music editing app. It doesn’t provide pre-made songs like other audio services. Each track is original, copyright-free, and has limitless use and distribution rights when added to a video.


With 3 easy steps, you’ll have a great music track for my video. It’s more than browsing endless lists of pre-made music tracks. Infinitunes matches video sound. These songs are copyright-free when blended with any video. They have unrestricted use and distribution rights.

Main features of Infinitunes

  • Cloud-hosted and controlled. No installation required!
  • Infinitunes lifetime deal
  • Instant Custom Music Tracks
  • Add Video in One Click
  • To Create One Hundred Songs
  • Save & Combine 10 Tracks with Videos (to download)
  • Guaranteed Refund for 14 Days


Audioflow offers advanced audio files. It features slow motion, current music, great ukeleles, sound effects, and logos.


Audioflow is the best tool for creating great video soundtracks. Its simple interface, many genres and “moods,” and royalty-free tunes allow you to utilize them on any device and video platform. This application is a complete audio solution for marketers and video developers.

Main features of audioflow

  • Incredible Multi-Language Text-to-speech creator
  • Record your own voiceovers
  • Hundreds of premium tracks: In ALL Music Genres
  • Royalty Free Personal Use License
  • 30 premium logo idents & openers
  • Special Bonus: Christmas tracks

Conclusion: Which is the Best Filmstro Alternatives?

In conclusion, there are many great alternatives to Filmstro for unlocking your creative potential. From powerful software to edit songs to royalty free music platforms, there is something for every musician and filmmaker. You can go with the classic editors or try something new and innovative. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits your budget and meets all your creative requirements. Whichever platform you choose, remember that it’s only a tool – it’s up to you to create something beautiful and unique!

Ultimately, the best choice for you will depend on your specific needs and preferences. So, why limit yourself to just one option when you can explore multiple alternatives and find the perfect fit for you?

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